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Transform Your Education Job Into Life-Giving Work

Drawing from his award-winning career in education, Jose Luis Navarro inspires K-12 leaders to reignite their sense of purpose, boost their professional autonomy, and reclaim the joy of teaching through impactful speaking engagements and workshops.

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As dedicated educators, we feel a moral imperative to do the best we can for every student, every day. But over time, bureaucratic restraints and limited resources can bring us to a point of disillusionment and burnout.


When we most want to give up, we need to get up. 


By defining and activating our core values, we can evolve beyond traditional, transactional education to transformative learning. Our students can flourish, and we can build sustainable, deeply rewarding careers as educators.

About Jose

Jose Luis Navarro is an award-winning educator who has dedicated over 25 years to the Los Angeles education system, serving as a teacher, principal, support coordinator, and administrative director. Mr. Navarro's most notable achievement was acting as founder and principal of the Social Justice Humanitas Academy, which earned several prestigious national awards, including the 2015 National Community School Award and the 2015 Teacher Powered Schools National Award for Academic Excellence.


In his role as Support Coordinator for Los Angeles Unified School District, Mr. Navarro spearheaded innovative reform initiatives like Restorative Practices to turn around low-performing schools. His diverse experiences, including working as a firefighter to serving in the Peace Corps, have shaped his approach to fostering equitable and supportive learning environments.

Mr. Navarro's unwavering commitment to education reform and social justice stems from his belief that every student deserves the care and support we would provide our own children.


Mr. Navarro has been recognized as a National Board Certified Teacher, California Teacher of the Year, and Latino Educator of the Year. He is also a University of California Distinguished Teacher, Innovative School Leadership Institute Fellow, Adjunct Professor at California State University Dominguez Hills, and a Dean's Scholar at UCLA, where he completed his Master’s Degree in Education Leadership.



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Talk Topics

Jose's Talks

Data With a Soul: Leveraging Student Metrics to Build Exceptional School Culture

Data can tell us the stories of our students like nothing else can, and we ought to approach that data with curiosity, not assumptions and judgment. When we let the right data talk to us, we can create a school culture that can initiates and supports transformation — of districts, schools, classrooms, students, and ourselves as educators.


Though Jose's stories of his time as a teacher and school-based administrator,  you’ll learn:


  • Why school leaders need to model and prioritize compassion, empathy, and curiosity above all else

  • How to use data to create systems that address student needs and engage parents and community partners

  • How to elicit participation from staff with Data Days

Participants will walk away with concrete strategies on how to create the school culture they want and need. This talk can be customized and presented as a keynote or as a workshop.

Fostering Greater Equity in Education Through Restorative Practices

Our students are more likely to be happier — and more cooperative and productive — when we work with them rather than doing things to them or for them. Restorative practices enable educators to collaborate with students in order to repair harm, strengthen relationships, and create a new sense of hope and optimism in our schools.

In this talk, you’ll learn:

  • How to build a school community worthy of protection and restoration

  • What learning outcomes Restorative Practices are more likely to deliver than other common approaches

  • Techniques and prompts for facilitating Circles

  • What the hallmarks of fair process are and how fair process positively impacts student trust and engagement 

You will leave inspired and ready to be the educator your students need you to be!

Creating Safe Spaces: Trauma-Informed Education Practices

As educators, we should never forget that it's hard for students to see the whiteboard with fear, poverty, or trauma in their way. When we skillfully use trauma-informed practices, we have a real shot at creating safe, supportive classrooms where all students can learn and grow.


In this engaging session, you will:


  • Develop a deeper understanding of how trauma affects the brain and learning

  • Learn to recognize potential signs and symptoms of trauma in students

  • Gain practical, research-based strategies to build a trauma-sensitive classroom

  • Explore techniques for proactively addressing students' needs and de-escalating crises

  • Discover ways to foster resilience, empowerment, and post-traumatic growth


Walk away with an action plan for cultivating a truly compassionate school community that prioritizes mental health, relationship-building, and inclusive support for your most vulnerable students. 


This content can be tailored as a keynote address or half-day/full-day workshop.

The Student Leader's Compass:
How to Navigate Your Journey of Stewardship With Gratitude

As a student leader, it’s all too easy to get up in what you’re doing instead of who you are becoming. This workshop will demonstrate that your impact is defined not just by the roles you take on, but by your own personal choices.


Through interactive discussions and reflective exercises, students will have the opportunity to:


  • Understand what stewardship is and how it provides a moral compass for leading with purpose 

  • Tap into the power of gratitude in order to build connections and community

  • Learn mindfulness practices that will help you be present and celebrate progress in both your educational and personal journeys


Join us as we embark on a transformative exploration of leadership, stewardship, and the art of living in the moment!


Jose's Testimonials

"Jose Luis Navarro is a dynamic educator, a powerful speaker, and a true advocate for making our schools better"

Alex Kajitani
Speaker, Author and California Teacher of the Year

There are rare humans who do powerful and lasting things in small ways each day. Jose Luis Navarro is such a leader. He is committed to a humanizing leadership stance that is the only way we will be able to change the world. Each person he touches is the better for it and his vision and capacity for leading large and small groups is nothing short of miraculous.

Antonia Issa Lahera Ed.D
Professor Emeritus School Leadership
Graduate Division College of Education
California State University Dominguez Hills

I’m glad I came! It was very moving and inspiring. I definitely look at data with a different lens.

Evelin Soto
Community School Coordinator
Santa Ana Unified School District


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